Looking for bookkeeping program that writes checks

Tony Baechler bats at batsupport.com
Tue Sep 29 07:51:08 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have a user who is currently using Windows XP.  Due to lots of problems 
with viruses, malware, adware and her machine not running well, we're trying 
to convince her to switch to Ubuntu MATE.  She already uses Firefox for web 
browsing and Thunderbird for email.

The problem is that she uses an ancient version of Quicken.  I think it's 
Quicken 2000, but I'm not positive.  We're wondering if there is a simple 
accounting/bookkeeping program like Quicken which is easy to use.  It only 
needs to handle household expenses and bills, although small business 
features would be a nice bonus.

The major feature requirement which it must have is to be able to write and 
print checks.  We are in the US.  Finding a bookkeeping program is not that 
difficult, but apparently there isn't one which will print checks.  I 
suggested using a LibreOffice template, but it needs to be really simple. 
She does not like computers and thinks of them only as a tool.  Coming from 
XP, she needs something that just works with a click.  Therefore, I don't 
think requiring her to open a separate program like LibreOffice will be a 
good option.  Is there such a check writing program?

Thank you all very much.  If we find something she likes, there will 
hopefully be one more Ubuntu user.  Your suggestions are appreciated.

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