Backup failure

Colin Law clanlaw at
Sat Sep 26 20:48:05 UTC 2015

On 26 September 2015 at 20:27, Chas IRONS <ironscf at> wrote:
> ...
> Sorry. I did not give enough detail in my question.  My Backups settings
> were:
> Folders to save: Home (chas)
> Folders to ignore: Rubbish Bin, ~/Downloads
> Storage Location: Lexar (my flashdrive that is mounted with all files
> deleted)
> So I was just trying to backup all my data.
> Backups is from the Ubuntu Software Centre.  "Deja Dup is a simple backup
> tool and uses Duplicity as the backend ".
> Reading the reviews by other users, it seems unreliable.
> I liked the fact that a few settings gives an encrypted result and
> incremental additions.
> I will try one more time tomorrow adding  /tmp to be ignored. I will also
> try clearing the deja-dup settings that Brandon advised.
> After that I suppose copying my whole /home folder will be next best method.

Since you are not asking for /tmp to be backed up then telling it to
ignore /tmp will not make any difference.  Likely it is the problem
Brandon has suggested so hopefully clearing the cache will sort it.

By the way, why are you starting a new thread at every reply?  If you
just reply to the previous message then all your posts should appear
in one thread.


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