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If I recall correctly from having done a Zorin install on what was
originally a Windo$e XP system this distro is designed specifically for
older low powered hardware.
If you are working with a three month old system that I assume has been
designed and equipped with Windo$e 10 you should probably choose a
different flavor of Ubuntu that is designed to take advantage of modern
high powered hardware and is also designed to work with UEFI.
Also, check the system BIOS on the laptop and see if the UEFI can either be
switched off or configured for multiple Operating systems.
Good Luck and hopefully someone will respond that has specific experience
in this area.
IF you continue to have problems it would be helpful if you would post the
specific information about the laptop you are working on.

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On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 1:33 PM, Dr. Mikeal Hughes <macmikeal at> wrote:

> I have a friend in FL trying to install Zorin 10 on a laptop. It is a 3
> month old laptop having all kinds of issues trying to get it to go. I think
> some of the issues is with the UEFI system.  Can some one give a sort of
> check list for doing this I could send to him? He is also trying to make an
> external drive boot Zorin 10. Any help ideas appreciated. Can provide his
> email address if any one could help that way even.
> Mike Hughes
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