OT: Cannot log into bank account

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 16 12:06:18 UTC 2015


Am Mittwoch, den 16.09.2015, 13:31 +0200 schrieb silver.bullet at zoho.com:

> >This is a blatant, bare-faced lie; Mint has a single parent distro,
> >which is Ubuntu, nowadays the LTS version. Yes it contains non-Ubuntu
> >code; so does LXLE, so did Lubuntu and Ubuntu MATE before they became
> >official remixes.
> No, you are mistaken. I send a link and another subscriber explained it
> too, that Mint is not an Ubuntu flavour, but Lubuntu is an Ubuntu
> flavour. I try to explain it to help the OP and other Mint users. Thy<
> you now spread nonsense isn't a help.
well, compare our two answers, i'm surely not thrilled by how mint
handles its development (just google my full name plus mint ... there is
some history (funnily also about home banking)), or how there might be
patches in core libs that cause breakage you wouldn't see in normal
ubuntu, or how they do not make any effort to work with the wider ubuntu
developer community like actual flavours do to keep they changes
compatible with the rest of the ubuntu world ... 

but I would never have the idea to call it a frankedistro or use a tone
like you do. there are many mint users out there, there is a lot of work
from the devs going into creating this distro for their users and no
matter if I admire how they do or don't contribute to the wider ubuntu
community with their work, it is work that deserves respect that brings
the general adoption of linux in the world forward. you seem to
completely discredit this ... 

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