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Wed Sep 16 11:57:39 UTC 2015

On Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:40:10 +0200, Petter Adsen wrote:
>On Wed, 16 Sep 2015 12:05:19 +0100 "Grizzly" wrote:
>> That said Io have been asked top install Mint/Cinnamon on a friends
>> PC and have been working with a LiveISB to get a handle on what top
>> expect, AFAICS its nicer looking than my Trusty (14.04.3) and may be
>> easier to use?
>> I have tried to install Cinnamon (DE) on my Trusty but after a
>> reboot nothing has changed
>> So where should I ask?
>Depends on what you're asking about.

IOW when using Ubuntu with packages from official repositories, then
the right place is this list. Even when using a PPA asking on this list
is a good idea, since a PPA might care about upgraded libs etc. by the
official repositories.

If you use another distro and Mint is another distro, it's hard to
help and it could confuse those expecting Ubuntu related help. Imagine
you search the Ubuntu Archive and find solutions to fix Mint instead of
Ubuntu flavours.

Ubuntu is Ubuntu, PPAs could be tricky, but they are still closely
related to Ubuntu. You and I can open a PPA on the Ubuntu website for
free as in beer, but we need to follow an Ubuntu policy.

A distro based on another distro is an independent project. Forking
FLOSS is allowed and wanted, but you can not expect that a mix of a fork
and the original is useful. You wouldn't ask to get support for IceCat
on a Firefox forum. But even while IceCat isn't provided by Ubuntu, you
could ask for help on this list, if you like to use IceCat on Ubuntu.

So, the point is, that Ubuntu lists are for everything that is related
to an Ubuntu flavour install, even if you would like to install
proprietary software or to run Windows in virtual box on an Ubuntu
host. This list isn't a good choice, if you are running another distro,
even if it's based on Ubuntu.

2 Cents,

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