OT: Cannot log into bank account

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Wed Sep 16 10:44:52 UTC 2015


you are mistaken, I send a link that list the Ubuntu flavours.

As already pointed out, regarding the reason for the issue, the OP also
could have get help by a Windows forum. We couldn't know this, it also
would be possible that an issue is related to defaults that are unique
for Mint.

What does it mean that this distro is based on Ubuntu?

What version of coreutils is used? What shell is used by the default sh
link? What ... ?

In what way is popularity announced by distro watch a valid indicator
for anything? I call Mint a freakish distro, because there seemingly is
no useful forum for Mint support. Mint users always join channels for
Debian and Ubuntu.

I'm not against helping Mint users. It's good to help them. However,
helping a Mint user includes clarification about what Linux is, what
Mint is and especially what Mint isn't. The OP mentioned "Mint 17.3",
the OP even didn't mention what Internet browser was used, let alone
the version of the used browser.

I'm an Ubuntu server install and Arch Linux user. If I would ask a
Ubuntu related question on an Ubuntu mailing list about the WM, I need
to name the Ubuntu release and the used WM and it's version. If I would
do the same on Arch, I just need to name the used WM and it's version,
since Arch has got no release. However, if I would claim to use Mint
17.3 on an Ubuntu or Arch list, it's completely useless information to
most subscribers.

It's well-meant help to point out that Mint is not an Ubuntu flavour.
It's bad help to give hints without explanations.


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