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Sun Sep 13 13:20:29 UTC 2015

Hello Geeks

Hope this mail will find everyone in good shape. I have a query and I dont
know whether its already done or need to be done. Ubuntu is the most
popular flavor of Linux, especially desktops, Our govt (Govt. of Pakistan)
has many Laptop distribution program for graduates and bright students and
those laptops are powered by Ubuntu. Also there is alot of emphasis on
writing and Speaking Urdu (our national Language) especially after supreme
court's ruling that Urdu should replace in all major areas, including govt
departments, academia etc.

I was thinking of An Operating System that is completely in Urdu. Ubuntu
supports all major languages, My question is How much the foreign language
covers the interface? everything that we see, the Message Boxes, the text
below the Icons, Error Messages, All the process of communication of
Operating System with user should be in this Language. Is all this ALREADY
possible? Or we have to do something about?

If I start working on, what will be the weight of the whole project? Can
someone point me in the right direction? I need proper guidance because I
am interested in doing it.


*Waqar Afridi*


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