generic ISO-to-bootable-USB creator?

Karl Auer kauer at
Fri Sep 11 06:02:21 UTC 2015

On Fri, 2015-09-11 at 00:25 -0500, Juan Blanco wrote:
> Hello Karl,
> Try using Brasero (it is found in Multimedia.)  Make sure there are no
> CD's, DVD's, or other USB devices plugged in.  Just plug USB flash
> drive first (make sure the system detects it.)  Make sure you know the
> location of your ISO file.  Open Brasero up, left click BURN IMAGE.
> The system will ask you to select the ISO file and will have selected
> the USB device as target, left click Properties and select the slowest
> possible burn speed in order to create a bootable USB device.  Just
> wait.  Make sure you go into your BIOS and select USB as FIRST BOOT
> DEVICE, hit F10 and restart, make sure the USB device is plugged in.  

I'm pretty sure Brasero is Ubuntu's default CD/DVD burner; at any rate
when I do as you suggest I end up at exactly the same dialogue I get
with "Write to disc" in Nautilus, and with exactly the same problem -
"no device available" (there's a subtext too - "Please replace the disc
with a supported CD or DVD").

The USB device is certainly there; it's been recognised and even
automounted by the system. I get the same result whether I proceed with
the USB drive mounted or unmounted. I did leave my USB mouse plugged in
though :-)

Have you personally ever written an ISO file to a USB flash drive using

Regards, K.

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