consistent UIDs across multiple systems.

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Gents, thanks for the responses and you are both right.

The mechanics are not so hard.  Since i have only a half-dozen home directories mostly mounted by Win and Mac clients, I could update UIDs at the home directories with chown -R, even simpler  than find.

But should I allocate a new UID to be higher to be "safe", starting at say 2048?  synology places its own admin at 1024 so I'd probably be happier staying well over that number.  Synology also does not appear to have a way to map user to a UID through its otherwise excellent interface.  I was wondering if people had ssh'd into the box and tinkered with it to get the UID they wanted or if that's a really bad idea.  The Thecus I used to have allowed setting uid per user.

And Peter touches on the next consideration, with only a handful of machines in a home environment, is LDAP or NIS/YP something worth the effort?

I am looking less to the mechanics and more to the wisdom of what approach would be most practical.  I've been tinkering with VAX750/BSD4.2 and Sun 2s since the 80s and Linux since RH7 (2001?), and I generally know enough to get around, but I am fully capable of making a great big mess when I plunge ahead without seeking the counsel of those wiser and more experienced than myself.


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> On Oct 19, 2015, at 4:44 AM, Petter Adsen <petter at> wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Oct 2015 10:21:14 +0200
> <silver.bullet at> wrote:
>> Consider never to use a search engine and to e.g. search using a term
>> as e.g. "linux change user id" :p.
> To be fair, Ralf, I think he was more looking for input on whether he
> should synchronize the UIDs manually or use something like NIS or LDAP.
> But I could be wrong.
>> -> linux change user id ->
>> etc.
>> FWIW the first user on Linux usually gets the ID 1000 and on FreeBSD
>> usually 1001.
>> Be careful with changing ownership of directories and files using the
>> find command. I don't remember why it's tricky, but once I changed
>> ownership on a FreeBSD install from 1001 to 1000 and IIRC the FreeBSD
>> mailing list community and I failed to notice an issue when using find.
> I can't recall ever having any problems doing just that, but of course
> there will always be corner cases. I'd be interested to know if you
> remember any details, though.
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