consistent UIDs across multiple systems.

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Mon Oct 19 08:44:51 UTC 2015

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> Consider never to use a search engine and to e.g. search using a term
> as e.g. "linux change user id" :p.

To be fair, Ralf, I think he was more looking for input on whether he
should synchronize the UIDs manually or use something like NIS or LDAP.

But I could be wrong.

> -> linux change user id ->
> etc.
> FWIW the first user on Linux usually gets the ID 1000 and on FreeBSD
> usually 1001.
> Be careful with changing ownership of directories and files using the
> find command. I don't remember why it's tricky, but once I changed
> ownership on a FreeBSD install from 1001 to 1000 and IIRC the FreeBSD
> mailing list community and I failed to notice an issue when using find.

I can't recall ever having any problems doing just that, but of course
there will always be corner cases. I'd be interested to know if you
remember any details, though.


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