Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Nov 28 18:58:18 UTC 2015

On Saturday 28 November 2015 10:11:47 Petter Adsen wrote:

> >
> > -- <--you don't have a space there, so your sig got copied into my
> > reply.
> I'm pretty sure I do, Claws Mail inserts the sig separator
> automatically. I can even see the trailing space both in my previous
> message and in this one, so it might be your client.

I added it above, after the - and before the <.  And kmail has not made 
it a habit of stripping it prior to now. The fact that you sig was 
copied was what got my attention snilmerg?  Beats me.
Thanks Petter
> --
Its not in the above either.

> "I'm ionized"
> "Are you sure?"
> "I'm positive."

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