Gerhard Magnus magnusg3000 at
Mon Nov 23 15:32:13 UTC 2015

On 11/22/2015 06:34 PM, Scott Blair wrote:
> I joined this list for two reasons. The second was for help. Thank you
> for all the help I have gotten. The first was to learn more about Linux
> and Ubuntu. However, I am not near the level you all are that provide
> the answers. I know how to install, update, add programs, remove them. I
> do not have, what I would consider, a firm grasp on files and
> directories or where programs install to and how to edit config files
> without what to put in it and where. i would love be really good at the
> terminal, so I could know what to put in the terminal to find out how
> things are working and if they are right. I consider myself to be above
> beginner and just a little bit below average. The books I have found
> either are for a beginner, that start out telling how to install, or too
> far above my level. What books do you recommend for someone in my position?
I still use and admire "Unix for the Impatient" by Paul Abrahams & Bruce 
Larson. The title says it all -- because with unix and linux, every 
little thing is an adventure!


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