Quwery about firewall software

compdoc compdoc at hotrodpc.com
Sun Nov 15 21:42:12 UTC 2015

> Generally they don't. This is FUD.

I have personally had every many die, and well as many of my SOHO customers.
Some people have been using the internet long enough to know something about
consumer gear. 

After switching to PCs years ago, I haven't had to suffer the same amount of

> The bad ones do. MikroTik are not bad ones.

Sure, there are exceptions and MikroTik has been around a long time, and
they produce great gear and code. I wouldn't call them 'consumer' grade. 

They have a great set of features. But no antivirus, or Intrusion
detection/prevention, or country block functions.

MikroTik does provide great support, which is a valuable thing to some. 

>- the cost is not important

I thought he already had the computer, but building a new one for the
purpose is always worth the effort. My firewall is a quad-core AMD 5350 apu,
supporting my 60mbit cable connection. 

I run pfSense as a guest in KVM for some sites, but having a separate box
means less downtime.

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