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   I would like to use my Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset 
as a microphone and record my voice even I'm not near my PC.

   1) I'm running Ubuntu 15.10 32 bits + pulseaudio-module-bluetooth +  
with a USB bluetooth dongle.
   2) My headset is detected and "correctly" connected to my PC
   3) It appears in the pulseaudio as a heaset, I choose to use it as a 
input device (Microphone)
   4) It appears in the input tab a couple of secs and then, disappear. 
Found a couple of time out on /var/log/messages (don't have the computer 
near me to share those errors)

   I tried to play with A2DP / HSP settings via Blueman : same issue
   Tweaked Bluetooth /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf configuration file with

  - Is my idea to use a nice headset bluetooth as a wireless micro a 
good idea ?
  - Any advices to setup this configuration ?

  Thanks for any help !

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