14.04 with HWE kernel on SecureBoot et. al.

Mason Loring Bliss mason at blisses.org
Mon Nov 9 21:50:09 UTC 2015

Hi all.

I'm researching doing an install of 14.04 with the 3.19 HWE kernel under
SecureBoot, but I only see a HWE install with the netboot images. The netboot
image won't boot without legacy mode, and what I'm reading suggests that I
need to at least boot in UEFI mode for the installer to do the right thing
with UEFI.

Can I force the netboot installer to do the right thing for UEFI end
SecureBoot even though it's not booted into it? Is there a way to select the
HWE kernels from a normal 14.04 boot stick? Is it possible to install an HWE
kernel after an install? (Are they signed for SecureBoot?) My laptop has
ValleyView graphics that really want the 3.19 kernel, run with bugs earlier
than 3.19, and won't actually run at all on 3.13.

Vaguely related, it was suggested that there's a way to set up software RAID
with the normal installer, but choosing "expert install" from the GRUB menu
doesn't give me the Debian text installer; nor does "oem install". Do I want
to invoke the text installer from the GRUB menu? Can I get it from the live
environment somehow? Is there a recommended way to set up software RAID using
the default installer or environment?

Thanks in advance for clues. If a couple initial installs go well, this might
end up on a small server that needs both UEFI and RAID at once, so I'd like
to try the various parts out ahead of time.

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