Ubuntu 15.04 problems (Colin Law)

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>> >
>> > Hi Jim.  Have you run "systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg" after you 
>> boot your
>> > computer?  That is how Colin found that my slow boot problem was 
>> associated
>> > with my WIFI.
>> >
>> > --
>> > Robert Blair
>> Thank you Robert,
>>    I am sorry I am really lost in this search for the "systemd-analyze plot >
>> plot.svg."  I looked for plot.vg in my "Search your computer and online
>> sources" and found it.  When I clicked on it, it came out 
>> "unavailable data"!
>> I googled "systemd-analyze plot" and found this title.  When I 
>> opened it,  wow
>> I could not understand a bit about it.  I had expected a software to 
>> download
>> and install it.  I don't know if it is already installed in my PC or 
>> not.  Did
>> I miss it?
> Yes, it is already installed.  Execute "systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg.".
> This will but the chart plot.svg in your home directory.  To view it
> double-click on the icon and a image viewer will display it.  In case 
> the image
> viewer fails (which happens to me on some plot files) you can use Firefox to
> look at the plot.  You may not understand what is there so upload it where
> anyone can look at it (I used Drop Box) and post the URL here,
> --
> Robert Blair
Thank you one of the readers I couldn't remember, but I got a trick on how to 'attach' a photo to an email.  I had attempted to do the attachment of a photo, but I was advised that it was way too long beyond limit of 40k memory.  So here is a link of plot.svg in my PC's Ubuntu 15.04

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yttpeefzirbpn0y/snapshot1.png?dl=0Get the picture of what I am trying to say here regarding the problem of DropBox.  When I clicked on it to open, all the icons disappeared from the screen.  When I clicked on the upper left icons to 'close', 'reduce' or 'full screen' my pc went locked up.  I had to hold down two keys, 'ctrl' and 'alt' and hit 'delete' to resume the work.  Icons were still absent.  I had to restart PC to get full screen.  video system is not working right?  incompatibility?  Jim 

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