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Wed May 20 00:31:10 UTC 2015

On 05/19/2015 07:10 PM, agents4jesus at wrote:
> Hi,
> What’s the bash command to view installed programs?
> I’m basically running out of HD space and am looking for 
> programs to throw out.
> Could anyone tell me what the command is? Or, more 
> specifically, does anyone know the command that shows 
> /manually installed/ programs or user-friendly programs, 
> as I don’t want a list of all the low-level programs?
> I’m assuming it’s apt-cache something…
> Thanks,
> Tony
Neither of these are command line but they might help and 
they are small
You might want to use ( Disk Usage Analyiser) baobab  to see 
what is taking up space.  I was having trouble fitting 
backups on my flash drives for one of my machines and was 
surprised to discover the amount of space browsers and email 
clients were using to cache things if you have a lot of 
users it can really add up
Synaptic will let you list programs that are installed under 
status and manual installed is one of the sub groups if you 
click on properties it will show the size
Also have you gotten rid of old kernels? How about thumbnails?
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