Help with Samba in Ubuntu 15.04!

Paul Smith paul at
Thu May 7 15:13:32 UTC 2015

So, I decided to ditch Mint and come back to Ubuntu GNOME 15.04.  It's
got a number of features I like and with the addition of just two
extensions (Frippery panel favorites and system-monitor) I have a very
nice desktop.

But, I share out some directories on my local harddrive to my family for
storage, etc. using Samba and I just can't figure out how to make this
work anymore on this version of Ubuntu.

Does anyone have any up-to-date documentation on this?  I found but it seems
outdated.  I can't seem to access the system-config-samba tool at all.

The package is installed, but I can't even find it!  Searching for
"system", "admin", or "samba" doesn't show anything interesting.

The web page above says it should be available in "System -
Administration - Samba", but I can't figure out what that means.  If I
open the "All Settings" window I don't see anything about
"Administration" or "Samba" under the "System" section at the bottom.
There's a "Sharing" icon but it refers to sharing screens or using DAV
to share files, not Samba.

If I try to run "system-config-samba" from the CLI it complains that I
don't have permissions to execute /usr/bin/pdbedit.  If I try to run
"sudo system-config-samba" it gives me warnings that the owner of
~/.config/ibus/bus is not root, then a system error that it could not
open configuration file "/etc/libuser.conf", no such file or directory.

I realize there's the "Local Network Share" option in nautilus but my
configuration is more complex than that.

Am I being oblivious or should I file a bug?

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