Forcing static address in 12.04

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Thu Jun 11 10:16:24 UTC 2015

On Wed, 10 Jun 2015 21:15:08 -0700
rikona <rikona at> wrote:
> and 14.04 on another. Is there a way I can put both in the box and
> easily [not via the bios :-) ] select which one to boot from?

Yes. Put each disk on separate SATA controller ports, boot from one of
them (let that be the one that the BIOS tries to boot from first). Then
run "sudo update-grub", and it should detect the installation on the
other disk and give you the option to boot from either in the GRUB
menu. Hold down L-Shift during early boot stage if the menu doesn't
appear, or set the timeout in /etc/default/grub to be > 0.

The package "os-prober" will probably need to be installed for this to
work, but I think that's installed by default. I'm guessing this
process would be the same for UEFI systems, but I don't really know
since I've never tried.


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