Forcing static address in 12.04 - bigger disaster...

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Jun 8 07:26:17 UTC 2015

On 7 June 2015 at 23:56, rikona <rikona at> wrote:
> ...
>> How can I force a change to a fixed IP in 12.04?
> Well, I tried one more suggestion from the net - disaster - it blew up
> the box - scrambled ALL the windows across work spaces, about half the
> pgms stopped, etc. - even had to pull power plug to stop it. Reboot
> seems to have no networking at all with several err msgs - 'no network
> mgr' + others
> Some inet suggestions for forcing a static address in 12.04 are rather
> bad! Went from a sort-of problem to much worse....

It is difficult for us to help unless we know what you did and exactly
what the error you are seeing is.


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