Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. eoconnor25 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 19:21:11 UTC 2015

Greetings all, I was just wondering if there's any way possible to 
change the color of the scroll bar in Unity? I'm running 15.04 
64-bit...on a Lenovo T-420 laptop. 8GB of memory. I just have a problem 
seeing exactly where I am on a web page with it being the same color as 
the rest of the window.....making it almost invisible, and causing me to 
have to stop what I'm reading/writing...to move the page up & down a 
bit......any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mind you, this isn't a 
deal breaker by any styrecth of the imagination, but it would just be 
nice to be able to give a presentation or show a document without having 
ti jiggle it just to see where I am.



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