HELP! Cannot use mouse or keyboard any more

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Sat Jun 6 17:02:22 UTC 2015

On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM, Robert Heller <heller at> wrote:

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> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Answering several suggestions:
> >
> > Ctl-Alt-F1 does nothing -- keyboard not working, after all
> > Keyboard and mouse are USB.  Mobo has no PS/2
> > Keyboard and mouse are unchanged, but I have tried spares.
> > I have tried a previous kernel.  No help.
> > I don't know how to boot into another user or session -- and unless it's
> > something grub can do, I'm probably unable because of having no keyboard
> > once the kernel starts
> If you can get to grub (which you say you can), you should be able to
> start in
> single user mode, either by selecting 'rescue mode' or directly editing the
> boot line (add 'single' to the end of the kernel command line). I don't
> know
> if Ubuntu has a way of starting *without* X11 -- with CentOS and many
> 'older'
> Linux distros, this would be runlevel 3 (as opposed to runlevel 5) --
> appending the kernel command line with '3' in grub would do that. Once in
> single user mode (or non-graphical login mode) you can then change the
> runlevel and/or disable graphical login (I don't know how to do that with
> ?Ubuntu, but someone else on this list should be able to help with that).
> You
> can also poke around and look at various log files, etc.
> *I* am NOT a fan of booting up to the GUI login -- all of *my* machines
> boot
> up to a (black) console login and I start X with xinit/startx *after* I
> have
> logged in, or in some cases don't start X at all (if I do not need to).
> Also
> all of *my* machine boot up verbosely, listing all of the start up steps,
> etc.
> If there is a problem I can watch for where things are broken.
> It sounds like you have something fishy going on with the X Server.  And
> possibly other issues as well, since Apache is not starting either.
> >
> > System is on a LAN, but unavailable.  It normally serves apache, but
> that's
> > not working either, which has me worried.  I would have thought the
> server
> > would be up whether I logged in or not.
> It should be.  What do you mean by 'unavailable'? Can you ping the machine
> (eg
> does ping work or does ping claim the host is 'unavailable'?  If the
> latter,
> it sounds like there is a problem with the network interface(s) on the
> machine.
> I meant no response at all.  Ping couldn't find it (no route)  But I've
now booted in text mode (appended "text" to grub "linux" line), and the
server is working. Maybe I did something wrong the first time.

Moreover, I can now log in from my laptop too and even do X forwarding, so
I have a bit more control.

Kevin O'Gorman
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