Gedit - disabling "untitled document 1"

Karl Auer kauer at
Sat Jan 31 22:40:39 UTC 2015

On Sat, 2015-01-31 at 12:23 -0800, rikona wrote:
> I was going to try the edits as you suggested, but in the bug reports
> listed by NoOp, it said one should not try to run gedit as root, so
> I'm postponing this temporarily.

You don't need to run gedit as root to make those edits. Run some other
editor as root. vi is on every Linux system in some form - use that. Or,
if you are up to it, use sed :-) Check the file paths first - someone
was talking about KDE using a slightly different path, so perhaps do a
search on your drive for "gedit.desktop" first. Or just copy the file
from the system directory to your home directory under .local/whatever
and edit that without needing root access at all - it will override the
system version.

> Shutting down everything puts a BIG crimp in my workflow. I avoid it
> unless absolutely essential.

Well. as I said, it probably won't be needed. If it works without
rebooting, that's great. Otherwise you can copy the backup back and
leave the rest until later (or never). I would restart konqueror though,
if you can.

I too am fairly convinced that this is a konqueror issue. If gedit did
not work, there would have been a general outcry by now. Although I saw
at least one person dumping on gedit, I have found it a totally
reliable, totally solid piece of software. That said, I see no reason at
all not to move to another editor - there are so many, and most are very
good. While getting used to a new editor, take lots more interim
backups :-)

Regards, K.

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