Video card

Scott Blair scott.blair at
Fri Jan 23 23:02:50 UTC 2015

I have a Radeon HD4350 video card. ATI no longer supports this card
under Linux.
The fglrx files only lead to a blank screen when installed. Of which I
do a reinstall.
I need better drivers than the riva710 to play a game called Goat
Simulator. So
instead of trying different work arounds and hosing out my system, I
have decided
to buy a new video card. I am looking at a price range of 50 to 100 for
it. I kind of
want to steer clear of ATI, just in case they pull support for that
card. So I would
like some suggestions on video cards. I would like to stick with 2 gig
DDR3 ram.
Let me know what you think.


Scott Blair

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