Only mem test showing on GRUB 1.98

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On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Gary J. Kirkpatrick <garyartista at
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> I installed Ubuntu 10 on a number of computers in Panama when I was a
> Peace Corps volunteer.  One of them contacted me. When grub loads all he
> has to choose from is memory test.  Grub version 1.98.
> 1) Should I just have him go ahead an run the memory test, say over
> night?
> 2) He says he ran a program which resulted in this problem.  I do not know
> what he did.  I think it is probably just a GRUB issue as he is not the
> kind of user that would somehow wipe the system.
> I figure to just have him install Xubuntu on a usb and take a look at the
> drives to see what is there and then run Boot repair.
> Any thoughts?

Could it be the "program" this person ran was some sort of installation
disc -- maybe a Windows or linux OS installer? And maybe he killed the
power on the box the moment he realized it was erasing things on the drive,
leaving grub in place but something else changed on the OS partition(s) so
grub can no longer see them? I don't know how likely it might be, but it
seems possible.

Your suggested procedure may be a good first step to identify and/or
correct the problem, but it might also be instructive (especially to the
user) to figure out what sequence of events caused it.
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