OT: Books on C programming - any suggestions?

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Tue Feb 17 06:08:51 UTC 2015

On 2/16/2015 8:14 AM, Petter Adsen wrote:
> Repeat, this is off-topic, but I wanted to tap into the knowledge of
> the list's subscribers. I apologize in advance.

No apologies are necessary.  C is the language of the Linux kernel and 
many of its applications.  To understand and use them as well as 
possible knowledge of C is necessary.  To suggest the C language is 
off-topic in a user support mailing list is silly.  The bootstraps by 
which users pull themselves up are shaped like Cs connected with more 
substantive material.

> I've been looking to take up C programming for Linux/UN*X systems. I
> had a look at it a few years back, but got sidetracked. Has anyone got
> any suggestions for good books? I already have the K&R book, but I need
> more material.

The C programming textbook by K. N. King is a good read and time 
investment beyond the 2nd edition of K & R.  King's second edition came 
out in 2008, so it is relatively up-to-date, and it has the benefit of 
being somewhat more explanatory and informative about the language.

Beyond the details of a particular programming language is the large 
topic of the relationship between data structures and algorithms. This 
relationship may be implemented to various degrees of satisfaction and 
performance in many different programming languages, including 
programming languages that are more theoretical than actually 
implemented.  So, I won't recommend any particular book on the subject, 
but merely alert you to the major topic that follows mastering the 
rudiments of one or more programming languages.  There are many 
resources -- books, videos, courses, etc., etc. -- on these topics, so 
you won't lack for follow-on materials.


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