OT: Books on C programming - any suggestions?

Udvarias Ur udvarias1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 20:23:15 UTC 2015

Dear Petter,

Before you purchase anything, you might consider searching the Internet 
Archive at https://archive.org for "C programming". When I did I got 287 
hits. I'll grant you that includes C++, Objective C, history, etc.

That being said, as they are all available as PDFs, you can copy them to 
a tablet which will enable you to read them wherever you are. In 
addition if you use a recent version of Acrobat Reader, you can 
highlight and underline text in addition to copy and paste whatever you 
like, as you can in most other PDF readers. All without destroying the 

BTW. It includes the K&R book, 2nd edition. (It is referred to as "Ansi 
C Programming Language" and claims the license is Creative Commons. 
However, as the book was published in 1988 and is still available, I 
don't how much longer it will be in the archive. It seems like the whole 
book, minus the index, is there. This is not a problem as it is fully 
searchable. Even the Table of Contents items are links to the 
appropriate text and useable in both Acrobat Reader and MuPDF. 
(Unfortunately the links don't seem to work in Evince, either from the 
text or the index side bar.)

On 15-02-16 11:14 AM, Petter Adsen wrote:
> Repeat, this is off-topic, but I wanted to tap into the knowledge of
> the list's subscribers. I apologize in advance.
> I've been looking to take up C programming for Linux/UN*X systems. I
> had a look at it a few years back, but got sidetracked. Has anyone got
> any suggestions for good books? I already have the K&R book, but I need
> more material.
> TIA,
> Petter

Udvarias Ur

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