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On 16 February 2015 at 09:02, Markos Kapes <mkapes at> wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience with getting a Brother PTouch label
> printer working with 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? I'm using lpr to print the
> labels, but the size seems not to work, so the labels are twice as big as
> they should be. (I'm using continuous label rolls.) Brother has been very
> not forthcoming in troubleshooting, and have no timetable for recompiling
> the drivers for 64-bit. Everything prints ok, except the length, and no
> errors seem to be thrown. The command I'm using is
>        lpr -P "labelprinter" -o media=Custom.175x120 label.pdf
> Also, if anyone has any experience with using another label printer, I'd
> entertain that....
> Thanks,
> --Markos
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Good evening Markos,

I have no idea what model printer you have, however I've recently purchased
a Brother Ql-720NW [1] [2] and had a lot of issues as well. I could go to
the web admin page and it all seemed correct, I could go to CUPS and all
the settings seemed right. I had no idea what was wrong, each instruction I
tried online seemed to add no benefit. Initially I was trying to use
Glabels to get it to print onto a continuous roll (the labeller then auto
cuts it at the right length) to no avail. I set it up portrait and
landscape and kept having alignment and size issues. So what I ended up
doing was to simplify it all. I went into Libre Office Writer and then:
* set up the page size - the width has to be millimetre perfect otherwise
the printer will give an error
* adjust the margins to suit
* put in whatever text/graphics/etc. to my heart's content
* printed to the printer

I still can't get glabels to work but now the common sizes I use (address
labels, etc) are set up in Libre Office it's worked like a dream.

[2] On a side note, this labeller is awesome, using wifi I can print labels
from Macs, Android phones (straight from your contact list), Ubuntu and I
assume it works under Windows but I haven't got a license to install it to


Jared Norris
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