Excellent disc! or is it?????

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 05:49:46 UTC 2015

On Thu, 05 Feb 2015 10:35:13 +0100, iceblink wrote:

> This disk is physically okay it seems.
> cdck first tries to check an audio disc, gets an error, and then checks
> if the disc is actually an audio disc.
> It finds it is not an audio disc but an iso966o disc containing data,
> and bootable too. All sectors are physically okay.
> Which still does not mean the cd can actually be booted, it only means
> that data from the disc can be read without errors. It says nothing
> about the data contents.

Thanks for confirming, that was my understanding of what cdck was 
reporting as well.


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