Excellent disc! or is it?????

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 22:38:47 UTC 2015

I'm running Ubuntu 14.10 and am trying to burn a disc.  Is this disc ok?

thufir at doge:~$ 
thufir at doge:~$ cdck -t -v
Track list (1-1):
  1: 00:02:00 (sec: 000000) data 
170: 82:48:60 (sec: 372510) data (leadout)

Disc status: data mode 1
Multisession: 0
Audio status: failed to get, reason: Input/output error

Try to find out what sort of CD this is...
CD-ROM with iso9660 fs
iso9660: 727 MB size, label 'KIWI CD/DVD Installation        '
Creating software: '0xc1c764e9'
bootable CD   

NB! For disks written with some burners cdck might 
    report about unreadable sectors at the end of the disk.
    In such cases you can just ignore those warnings.

Reading sectors 1-372510
372508 ok

CD overall:
   Sectors total: 372510:
   Good sectors: 372510:
   Bad sectors (incl. with poor timing): 0
CD timings:
   Minimal = 0 usec (0.000000s)
   Maximal = 31 usec (0.000031s)
   Average = 0 usec (0.000000s)

   Excellent disc!
thufir at doge:~$ 

I'm thinking that the problems I have with the disc relate to this error 
about the audio status -- otherwise, I can't find any error anywhere.  
Yet, this DVD, while it boots, then, after a splash screen, goes blank.  
It almost has to be the disc itself.  The md5sum of the .iso **and** of 
the disc itself check out fine.

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