File server and file systems

Andrew J. Caines Ubuntu at
Fri Dec 25 07:22:48 UTC 2015


> I'm sure many here have a similar setup at home, and if you would
> share your experiences I would be really grateful.

One btrfs on a three SATA-III disk RAID 5 md (creating on initial
install of 12.04) and a two USB 3.0 disk btrfs mirror on 14.04, both of
which have failed to do anything interesting since I created them.

> Any advice on things I might not have thought of would also be
> welcome.

If you are dedicating x86_64 hardware to this file server, let others do
all the hard work for you and run FreeNAS[1] or a similar platform.

As for memory, get as much as you can afford and fit in the system.


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