Softmaker Office 2016 for Linux

Doug dmcgarrett at
Wed Dec 9 23:09:30 UTC 2015

On 12/09/2015 04:40 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> I just saw an announcement for this suite.  I wonder if anyone knows anything about it's macro capability in Linux?
> I've been on their web site and have done some googling but haven't found much info.  I've gotten interested in software in the past only to find out the Linux version does not have all of the features of the Windows one.
> Thanks,  Jim
I have been using the last version of SoftMaker Office for a word processor, and for displaying a spreadsheet emailed to me every so often. I have just been
notified that the 2015 version which I pre-ordered is now available. I don't know what's in the Windows version, but I am completely satisfied with this Linux
version. I know that many Linux users refuse to buy any software, but I find this far superior to LibreOffice. I can use this without having to take special
courses or something to learn the intricacies of Libre.
I have no idea what you mean by "macros." Maybe the screwy stuff that Libre makes you decipher? I don't look for a publishing program, I just want a
word processor that I can use with no BS. That's SoftMaker.


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