Xenial -> "a2enmod php5" causes the apache does not start

set public at sakrecoer.com
Tue Dec 8 22:38:16 UTC 2015

On 2015-12-08 22:57, CEO of OpenTEK[nologie internasional, Pty.Ltd.] wrote:
> Please help me. Keep telling me where my mistake.
> ===
> root at sussy:/etc/apache2# a2enconf

It would be wise to post at the bottom of the answers you get so that we 
can read the messages properly in the right order. You can remove parts 
of the messages you don't find relevant to your reply, but keep things 
written in a plain top to bottom fashion. Clarity will help other users 
to help you. :)

Now your probelm:

First of, you seem to be doing everything as root, which is a very bad 
idea. This will set your permissions wrong, and your www-data user (or 
whatever the user for apache2 is called in your system) cannot run them. 
As Simon Quigley pointed out: use "sudo" from your own user will make 
things much easier for you.

Then, it is a strange idea to install xenial and replace the sources 
with the LTS ones. If i was you, i would reinstall the server and use 
the LTS version 14.04 as is and install program from there without 
touching the sources. This will probably save much headache. Unless you 
are very experienced with these things, you do not want to run a 
DIY-cocktail of releases on the world wild web.

Hope it helps and best of luck!

Set Sakrecoer

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