TeamViewer on Linux

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Sat Dec 5 13:42:43 UTC 2015

> I understand the generic problem, please explain exactly what you want
> to do with teamviewer though.  I still don't see exactly what you want
> to do.  When running teamviewer you have a client and a server, say T
> and S, and the user at machine T can see/control the desktop of
> machine S.  How do those relate to your A, B, C, D and E?
> Remember that when you run an app through ssh -X that the s/w is
> running on the server, it is only the GUI that runs on the client.
> Colin

"The object of the exercise is to run TeamViewer on a remote system, but
have the display on the local system. Exactly as one can do, for
example, with xterm or pretty much any other X program."

I think this is the only part that needs answering.

He just needs a way to use TeamViewer or something like it.
VNC server on the machine with the software and the viewer
on each of the other machines.


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