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Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Tue Dec 1 16:12:58 UTC 2015

Oliver, and all newbies,

there's no user-friendly benefit when not recommending UNIXlike,
POSIXlike common features. Recommending to stay with a UNIXlike,
POSIXlike approach gives users more choices, such as the freedom to
switch to a different distro, to understand and to customize their
user space. Without all those insults and wrong information, it would
have been easy to explain how to use fstab. It's spreading FUD to claim
that the common Linux approach prevented desktops from becoming
user-friendly. The newbies experience more issues with the new desktop
environments that drop work-flows with each release, drop features and
become buggy, than with an old reliable work-flow, that's why forks,
such as Mate became that popular. Newbies often get tired of becoming
human guinea pigs and they get tired of promises that things work
automagically OOTB, they get tired of much to early released desktop
upgrades. Others and I learned from power-users when we were newbies
and we are willing to help newbies to learn what is helpful for their
needs. If people run into serious issues, all those flashy GUIs can't
help any more, teaching basics, how to use the terminal emulation for
simple tasks is very user-friendly. Don't discourage newbies to spend a
few minutes to learn, by claiming that it's hard to do and requires to
get power-user skills. It's very easy to learn, often it's easier to use
the terminal, then to learn how to use a GUI. For Jane Bloggs it's as
easy to learn to use the terminal, as it was to learn how to push the
power button of the computer. Stressless she will become an autonomous
emancipated Linux user. It's out of all reason that you don't encourage
users to become autonomous emancipated Linux user, but instead you
discredit people who help others to become such users and you spread
FUD about how hard it is to know Linux basics. It is not hard, it's

Nobody should fear that rocket science is needed to benefit of Linux


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