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> On Fri, 2014-11-14 at 14:35 -0600, Tommy Trussell wrote:
> >
> > By the way, the version of Flash available in linux is an lower
> > release number than the Pepper flash Google makes available in Chrome
> > or the version of Adobe flash available to Windows and Mac OS. Adobe
> > is phasing out support for linux, but does issue updates occasionally,
> > but only to address some of the known vulnerabilities (they certainly
> > wouldn't be trying to make it compatible with newer hardware). You can
> > install Pepper flash using the pepperflashplugin-nonfree package
> > (which installs Chrome and yanks Pepper flash out of it for use by
> > Chromium) OR to use one of the hacks to enable a Windows version.
> > (With all the headaches and risks THAT might involve.)
> >
> I got Chromium to work in both Facebook and Youtube. Had to re-install
> it and add the pepperflash again, now works.
> Thanks for all your help Tommy.

You're welcome! I still don't understand why FireFox might be broken for
you; I use both it and Chrome on this little netbook, and the only problem
I ever have is running out of RAM (the most I can install is 2GB). Flash
works OK on both. HOWEVER this netbook is also using the Intel graphics, so
what it lacks in performance it gains in linux compatibility. (Intel,
unlike ATI and Nvidia, shares the GPU code with the open source folks.)

I was just doing a few Google searches for your card, which is apparently
using the open source Radeon driver, but in the process I happened to find
links to an old tip...

Sometimes when Flash has a problem with the GPU in a video card it won't
initialize properly, the workaround is to add a text file


containing one line:


If the file doesn't exist, you can create it using sudo nano (or whatever
text editor you prefer) or you can sudo cat the text into the file. (On my
system there's not even an /etc/adobe directory so I've obviously not done
this here.)

In any case, try adding that file with the one line. You probably don't
need to reboot (just close and reopen the browser) and see if it makes any
difference. If not you can delete or rename the file to deactivate it in
case it causes other trouble.
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