14.04 after upgrade freezes with fire fox

Linda haniganwork at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 8 13:22:14 UTC 2014

To: ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com Subject: Re: 14.04 after 
upgrade freezes with fire fox Message-ID:
>> On 8 November 2014 01:02, Phil G <ssc1861 at verizon.net> wrote:
>>> I have the same problem, also with Chrome.  I have not been able to find a
>>> solution.  It appears to be any website that has a lot of connections, for
>>> ads and other content that is dynamically loaded.  TV news sites are the
>>> worst.
>>> I frequently have to hard boot my laptop.  I regret upgrading from 12.04.
>>> I have an older Lenovo T61 with 2gb of ram.
>> Most users are not seeing such problems.  Are you also using gnome
>> flashback (Phil said flashblack but I presume he meant flashback)?
>> Could it be pages containing flash that are causing the problems?
>> That is a question for the OP also.  In Firefox install flashblock
>> addin which prevents it running flash until you allow it, and see if
>> that makes a difference.
>> It may be that 2GB of RAM is a bit low.  Run System Monitor (or top or
>> htop if you prefer command line) and see what the usage is when it is
>> going wrong.  Watch for swap being used significantly.
> I have a friend who has been trying Ubuntu (and Lubuntu and Xubuntu)
> on a three or four year old Packard Bell computer.  All his
> installations have frozen the moment he does anything involving
> manipulating the display.
> Googling for this problem sugeests that there's something in the
> latest kernel[s] which is provoking this somehow.

This is an old Packard Bell Computer as well. Most of the 
time it freezes just trying to open Firefox with the GLIB 
CRITICAL error. I'll see if it is possible to increase its 
RAM as Daniel suggests?
Does anyone have a suggestion for a Linux version that needs 
low RAM.  This computer is used for pretty minimal stuff. It 
is used with Putty as a dumb terminal, is used to open 
spreadsheets and create spreadsheets on a NFS with 
LibreOffice and occasionally to look up something quickly on 
the web. Occasionally it will open a simple drawing in 
inkscape. I'm surprised that inkscape doesn't crash it if it 
if it is a memory issue.

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