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On Monday 03 November 2014 02:02:36 Sajan Parikh did opine
And Gene did reply:
> On 11/02/2014 04:29 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > No, just use it. I guess it works from a winderz box. But I am
> > getting page not found error for about 80% of the links on that page
> > and I thought it might be my lack of installed php stuff. The site
> > is <>
> PHP is a server side language.  If a PHP based website is having
> issues, it needs to be fixed on the server itself.  Nothing you will
> do on your machine will help as your machine never actually sees the
> PHP code, only the resulting output.
> If you are getting errors on that site, your best bet is to contact the
> site owners and let them know.

So I am now understanding, thank you.  My problem is that I had a link to 
the page I wanted to see that was an invalid link when typed into the 
address bar,  UNLESS I used a selection on the base pages popup to get 
there.  My next door neighbor is a winderz user, and came over to show me 
how it worked as there were no clickable buttons to bring that selection 
menu up, just an un-marked hot area on the bottom frame of the window with 
a scribbled arrow pointing at it.  I couldn't figure out where to click as 
there was nothing there at where the arrow was pointing.

Thank you Sajan.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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