File associations 14.04

Toni Sissala toni.sissala at
Mon Jun 30 07:09:48 UTC 2014

On 29.6.2014 14:22, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> And where do Ubuntu Tweak store the file associations? Maybe I should 
> just edit the files myself…?

I should first point out that I'm not using Ubuntu Tweak. But here are 
my two cents on file associations. These tweaks seem to work perfectly 
in Xubuntu.

Some file associations are stored system-wide in 
/usr/share/applications/defaults.list. User-specific file associations 
are stored in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list.

I recommend editing user-specific associations. If the file doesn't 
exist, you may copy the one from /usr to your home-directory.

You should also check that your scripts are executable.

On file associations:
On file permissions:

Best regards,
Toni Sissala

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