Nautilus ”Extra panel”

Washington Indacochea at
Sat Jun 28 03:18:55 UTC 2014

Hi Jonny, the F3 feature was removed in nautilus, but the nemo program 
have (nemo is a fork).

I use nautilus only when I use dropbox (nautilus-dropbox package). 
Primarily use Double Commander
, and next dolphin

El 26/06/14 17:12, Johnny Rosenberg escribió:
> I installed 14.04 today, I'm used to 12.04 until now. One of the first 
> things I did after installation was to open Nautilus, and since I 
> wanted to study two different folders at the same time I hit F3 to 
> bring out the extra panel, but nothing happened. Is there a setting 
> somewhere I need to change to enable it?
> Johnny Rosenberg

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