Cannot Log-in to Ubuntu 14.04

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Hi Liam

14.04 installed at last, looks like video drivers were causing the problem. No nvidia drivers installed and Nouveau X Org said my desktop PC was a laptop.

Resolved by loading 13.10 over 14,04 partition on dual boot with win7, then loaded 14,04 via Update Manager. It seemed to load OK with on-screen showing checking and downloading ticks but when installing section got to "Preparing to configure gnome-session-bin it froze.  Rebooted and used safe mode to repair but still would not load beyond log-in. Managed to boot in Low Video mode (which offset screen to the left!) and downloaded nvidia drivers. , , !

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> Hi Liam
> Thanks for your reply, see comments below. Just using win7 now until this
> can be resolved.  I am not a power user and just use the apps.

Thanks for the info, but if you haven't already, may I suggest that
you send it to the list and I'll answer it there when I have time --
if someone else doesn't get to it first...?

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