why update programs that I do not use?

Boudi Luna charlieluna1974 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 10:02:21 UTC 2014

I know you question has been answered, but I want to add to it. You mention
different languages being updated/added that you feel you don't need. Think
about it like this. All the languages of the world are included in each
distro to help prevent having 1000s of different ISOs to download. It makes
better sense to include any and all languages in one distro to ensure that
the user doesn't have to search for just one language out of many. Make

Secondly, updates, and this is fairly obvious, add or remove features and
fix security issues. Even when it comes to languages.

So in a nutshell, I think that answers your question.

Case in point when installing ubuntu studio on my laptop, when I first
start the install, I'm greeted with the language screen. Several are
available. That's nice since it tries to cover all of them in one package
making it easier for the operator to get going.

Charlie Luna
On Jun 24, 2014 3:19 AM, "John R. Sowden" <jsowden at americansentry.net>

> Why does ubuntu update programs that I do not use (kde).  I left suse
> about 10 years ago because I felt kde was going down the same road as
> windows (fat, slow and excessive).  Now I must endure the upgrades of kde
> in xubuntu/xfce.
> same applies to languages.  as much as I appreciate the concept of people
> from all over the world communicating, like ham radio, why must certain
> programs include other languages on my computer?
> John
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