nullmailer - Sending failed: Could not exec program

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Jun 21 16:15:07 UTC 2014

On Saturday 21 June 2014 11:49:09 Graham Watkins did opine
And Gene did reply:
> On 21/06/14 16:36, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I am curious as to why you needed to install nullmailer?
> > 
> > I get several emails a day from various background tasks, all cron
> > driven, and a simple mailto: line in the crontab handles it well.
> > 
> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> Hi Gene,
> I was given to understand (or maybe misunderstand) that I needed a mail
> server on my system if these mails were to be sent. Nullmailer was
> recommended by compdoc on this list. Certainly prior to installing
> nullmailer, the cron job I had set up sent no mail and so far as I know
> didn't even attempt to. Since I installed nullmailer, it appears to
> have at least been trying - this I think counts as progress.
> Perhaps you know something I don't - most people do. This is the cron
> job as it stands:
> #!/bin/sh
>   (
>   rkhunter --versioncheck
>   rkhunter --update
>   rkhunter -c --cronjob
>   ) | mail -s 'rkhunter Daily Check' at
> Perhaps you are using a different mail server? If not then I would like
> to learn your secret because this is all turning out to be a bit of a
> faff.
> Cheers,
> Graham

I believe that sendmail is installed, as part of the basic install for 
10.04.4 LTS.  Its basic configuration has not been touched.  So it Just 
Works(TM)  However, I also run htop, and do not see it listed as a visible 
process.  However, from a shell, an lsof|grep sendmail shows it is running 
with 4 open files.

And that, because it is so universal, is probably true of any later 
install too.

Perhaps you didn't install it, or have managed to disable it?  My crystal 
ball gets pretty cloudy at times. ;)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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