nullmailer - Sending failed: Could not exec program

Graham Watkins at
Sat Jun 21 15:49:09 UTC 2014

On 21/06/14 16:36, Gene Heskett wrote:

> I am curious as to why you needed to install nullmailer?
> I get several emails a day from various background tasks, all cron driven,
> and a simple mailto: line in the crontab handles it well.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

Hi Gene,

I was given to understand (or maybe misunderstand) that I needed a mail 
server on my system if these mails were to be sent. Nullmailer was 
recommended by compdoc on this list. Certainly prior to installing 
nullmailer, the cron job I had set up sent no mail and so far as I know 
didn't even attempt to. Since I installed nullmailer, it appears to have 
at least been trying - this I think counts as progress.

Perhaps you know something I don't - most people do. This is the cron 
job as it stands:

  rkhunter --versioncheck
  rkhunter --update
  rkhunter -c --cronjob
  ) | mail -s 'rkhunter Daily Check' at

Perhaps you are using a different mail server? If not then I would like 
to learn your secret because this is all turning out to be a bit of a faff.



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