Finding slony version 2.2.0 for PostgreSQL 9.3?

Ben Coleman oloryn at
Sat Jun 21 00:14:28 UTC 2014

I've got a situation where I need to do slony replication from a Windows
PostgreSQL 9.3 server to a PostgreSQL 9.3 server on Ubuntu 14.04.
Unfortunately, slony appears to require the exact same version number on
both sides.  On the Windows side, I've got Slony 2.2.0, which comes with
StackBuilder from EDB's installer.  On the Ubuntu side, I've got either
slony 2.1.4 from the standard Ubuntu repositories, or 2.2.2 from the
PostgreSQL team's repository.  Any ideas where I might be able to find a
slony package 2.2.0 for ubuntu 14.04?

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