Rhythmbox slow toload a file location

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Mon Jun 16 23:19:44 UTC 2014

I have a collection of music - MP3 and FLAC encoded - on a Samba share.
If I use "Import" and point Rhythmbox at the share, it takes a very long
time to import. A VERY long time.

It's not copying the actual music file over, otherwise I would see a lot
of local disk activity and I'd run out of local disk space. I think what
is happening is that Rhythmbox is collecting tag data from each files,
but to do so it scans the entire file. That's a lot of data across
10,000 files. Seems silly since as far as I know ID3 tag data is either
at the the very front or the very end of a file, and neither requires
reading the whole file.

Is there a better way? Have I missed an option? Or do I just have to
kick it off and wait? It'll probably take a day or two - the share is
not on a fast disk.

Regards, K.

Karl Auer (kauer at biplane.com.au)

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