Locked out of my user account

Mariano Jara Melagrani mjaramelagrani at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 20:47:45 UTC 2014

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014 23:04:26, Sarunas Burdulis
<sarunas at math.dartmouth.edu> wrote:
> 1. You can also check .xsession-errors in your home, in case there are
> any clues there.
> 2. From the virtual terminal console, which you access by ctrl+alt+Fn,
> you can 1) stop the login greeter/login service (sudo service lightdm
> stop) and then try starting X by 'startx' command and see if there any
> error messages. There might be a problematic setting in your profile.

Hi Sarunas, thank you for answering.

1. I've checked .xsession-errors and now it says this:

Script for ibus started at run_im.
Script for auto started at run_im.
Script for default started at run_im.

but before I proceeded with step 2 it contained a whole bunch of lines
that were erased (apparently) after I did step 2.

2. Did that to no avail. After doing that from the CLI and it gets me
straight into my desktop but without Unity, I mean, there are no top
panel, no HUD, no launcher, no dash, etc.. There only are the files
sitting on /home/<user1>/Desktop.

Another thing I've noticed is that after I login at the virtual
console this error message is print it to the console:

no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory

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