Locked out of my user account

Sarunas Burdulis sarunas at math.dartmouth.edu
Fri Jun 13 03:04:26 UTC 2014

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On 06/12/2014 09:23 PM, Mariano Jara Melagrani wrote:
> I can't login to the X session on my account. This is the user that's
> been created when the system was installed, that is to say, this user
> has sudo access.
> I typed the right password and nothing happens, it stays at the
> greeter screen, there's no error message or whatsoever. I know it's
> the right password because I can login to the term console with <ctrl
> + alt + F1-6>.
> At the console I've had quick a look at
> /var/log/auth.log
> /var/log/Xorg.0.log
> /var/log/dmseg
> but I couldn't find anything that stroke my attention plus I don't
> know exactly what and where to look for.
> [...]
> Can someone point me in the right direction? Where should I start
> looking for the culprit? Or what other info or log do you need me to
> post? TIA

1. You can also check .xsession-errors in your home, in case there are
any clues there.

2. From the virtual terminal console, which you access by ctrl+alt+Fn,
you can 1) stop the login greeter/login service (sudo service lightdm
stop) and then try starting X by 'startx' command and see if there any
error messages. There might be a problematic setting in your profile.


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