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NoOp glgxg at
Tue Jun 10 17:08:38 UTC 2014

On 06/10/2014 06:29 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 10 June 2014 07:45, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> That's a really bad way of doing it.

The OP stated:
> I downloaded the proper file ( seamonkey-2.26.tar-3.bz2 )
> However I have no idea what to do with it.

If he had taken the time to actually read the documentation on the
application website, then he'd have known what to do with the bz2 file.

> * It's more difficult

Nonsense. While I do not recommend running from the /usr directory (I've
had multiple dicussions regarding this on the SeaMonkey dev list in the
past) and run my SeaMonkey from a /home folder, running the application
(as I am now) it is certainly not difficult to create a menu item and
link to the seamonkey script file - even for a beginner.

> * It's not supported by the Ubuntu packaging system - you get no
> dependency resolution

And Ubuntuzilla is?

 & no automatic updates

Nonsense again. In fact you get can get updates immediately rather than
having to wait for Ubuntuzilla which is usually behind the actual
SeaMonkey Project releases. The only time that you'll not get immediate
updates from the SeaMonkey Project are: 1) if you are running a
'Contributed' 64bit build, and/or 2) you've turned off automatic
updates. You neither have to wait for Ubuntuzilla, nor the Update
Manager to get the update.

> * There's no desktop integration - you have to manually create icons etc.

Really? Perhaps you should also read:
" To hook up SeaMonkey complete with icon to the GNOME Panel, follow
these steps"

The steps are actually easier with gnome-session-flashback.

> As I suggested already, the easy was is UbuntuZilla:
> Just add the repo, then you can do
> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install seamonkey-
> ... and press [Tab] for it to autocomplete.

 Then you get new versions
> as soon as they're released

Not true - see above. You must wait for the Ubuntuzilla release which
typically *follows* the SeaMonkey Project release.

My 'Contributed' 64bit build was built April 28 (Build identifier:
20140428215857) and was available for download/update April 30 -
Realease was May 2. 32bit updates were available April 29
and released May 2 (
Ubuntuzilla versions were not available until 2014-05-08 00:10:09 UTC:
That's an extra 6 days of:

 and desktop integration etc. all happen
> automatically.

Look, I've nothing against Ubuntuzilla (waves to Daniel/nanotube) - in
fact I also install and test an Ubuntuzilla version as well to verify
their build against the SeaMonkey Project build, highly commend them for
their work, and also recommend them. However, before you go on about
running SeaMonkey directly perhaps you should have some experience in
doing so first. I've been running SeaMonkey builds from day 1. I also
build my own on occasion (versions that actually have gstreamer enabled).

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