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On 10 June 2014 19:08, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> On 06/10/2014 06:29 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 10 June 2014 07:45, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
>> That's a really bad way of doing it.
> The OP stated:
>> I downloaded the proper file ( seamonkey-2.26.tar-3.bz2 )
>> However I have no idea what to do with it.
> If he had taken the time to actually read the documentation on the
> application website, then he'd have known what to do with the bz2 file.

Agreed. But there are a lot of new things and tools to learn for a
Windows user in this process; I can understand the line of thought
that would lead to just installing WINE and using the Windows version,
sadly, mad as this might seem to someone with some Linux knowledge.

> Nonsense. While I do not recommend running from the /usr directory (I've
> had multiple dicussions regarding this on the SeaMonkey dev list in the
> past) and run my SeaMonkey from a /home folder, running the application
> (as I am now) it is certainly not difficult to create a menu item and
> link to the seamonkey script file - even for a beginner.

It's doable, sure. It's harder than adding a repo -- when the commands
to do so are right there on the webpage to copy&paste -- and then
installing from the GUI. This is surely unarguable. Therefore, I
object to the characterisation of my point as "nonsense".

>> * It's not supported by the Ubuntu packaging system - you get no
>> dependency resolution
> And Ubuntuzilla is?


>  & no automatic updates
> Nonsense again. In fact you get can get updates immediately rather than
> having to wait for Ubuntuzilla which is usually behind the actual
> SeaMonkey Project releases. The only time that you'll not get immediate
> updates from the SeaMonkey Project are: 1) if you are running a
> 'Contributed' 64bit build, and/or 2) you've turned off automatic
> updates. You neither have to wait for Ubuntuzilla, nor the Update
> Manager to get the update.

If there's a new version, you have to reinstall it yourself. That is
not an automatic update. If you install from a repo, as soon as
there's a new version in said repo, you get it with your automatic
system update.

Either you do not understand what I said, which seems unlikely -- I
know you are more than smart and knowledgeable enough from your
previous posts, whoever you are -- or you are wilfully misinterpreting
me, in which case, please do stop.

>> * There's no desktop integration - you have to manually create icons etc.
> Really? Perhaps you should also read:
> " To hook up SeaMonkey complete with icon to the GNOME Panel, follow
> these steps"

That means, again, doing it yourself, in other words, it is not
automatic and not beginner-friendly.

Again, I think that you are deliberately misinterpreting me.

> The steps are actually easier with gnome-session-flashback.

I wouldn't know.

>> As I suggested already, the easy was is UbuntuZilla:
>> Just add the repo, then you can do
>> sudo apt-get update
>> sudo apt-get install seamonkey-
>> ... and press [Tab] for it to autocomplete.
>  Then you get new versions
>> as soon as they're released
> Not true - see above. You must wait for the Ubuntuzilla release which
> typically *follows* the SeaMonkey Project release.

By hours to a few days. Not a big deal. Far better than manual
checking and manual reinstallation, *especially* for a noob.

> My 'Contributed' 64bit build was built April 28 (Build identifier:
> 20140428215857) and was available for download/update April 30 -
> Realease was May 2. 32bit updates were available April 29
> (,
> and released May 2 (
> Ubuntuzilla versions were not available until 2014-05-08 00:10:09 UTC:
> <>
> That's an extra 6 days of:
> <>

I am really happy for you. But I put it to you that all this is
irrelevant incomprehensible gobble-de-gook to a newbie who only knows

>  and desktop integration etc. all happen
>> automatically.
> Look, I've nothing against Ubuntuzilla (waves to Daniel/nanotube) - in
> fact I also install and test an Ubuntuzilla version as well to verify
> their build against the SeaMonkey Project build, highly commend them for
> their work, and also recommend them. However, before you go on about
> running SeaMonkey directly perhaps you should have some experience in
> doing so first.

So, perhaps you don't know me, or don't remember, even though I know you.

I was running this stuff from before the Mozilla Project existed; I
started on Netscape 1, kiddo. Here's a nickel, kid, go buy some *real*

P.S. Get off my LAN.

> I've been running SeaMonkey builds from day 1. I also
> build my own on occasion (versions that actually have gstreamer enabled).

Aww, as recently as that? Cute.

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